Don Juan Coffee and Chocolate Tour

Don Juan Coffee and Chocolate Tour


This tour is ideal for families and friends as well as people with physical impairments or limitations. The tour begins in the coffee shop located on the plantation and is a 2 hour journey.

Along the way, your guide will explain the process of planting and drying the coffee plants. You will have the opportunity to pick a few coffee beans yourself and learn the steps taken for coffee production. Depending on the season, you can also participate in ripe coffee picking. (December to February.)

Next, we will arrive at the grinding house "beneficio", where your guide will show you the ancient processing methods like "El Chancador", (method used to separate the grain from its skin) and you will have the chance to participate in this process as well, if you choose. During this process you will learn how the coffee bean is transformed into a toasted bean before being exported.

Halfway through the tour you will visit our famous "trapiche", where you can savor one of the most import important products of our land, Sugar Cane. Sugar cane juice is extracted from the stem of this plant and processed on the spot. You will never forget the authentic flavor of this delicious and simple beverage, which is the base of a variety of products, including sugar.

When we move on to delight in delicious chocolate we will obtain great knowledge. From the Theobroma cacao or Chocolate Tree, the process of preparing its seeds, and the variety of sub products that we are familiar with today, such as dark chocolate, White chocolate, chocolate and fruit combinations, milk, and the important medicinal purposes of the popular cocoa butter.

With this new wisdom, we will continue to the final portion of the tour, where we will learn about coffee plantation heights, light and dark roast processing, before completing the tour with a delicious cup of real coffee.

A little history:
Coffee is of African origin, particularly from Ethiopia, and its name was given after a small town known as Koffe. It was discovered in the 1500s. The first export of Costa Rican coffee occurred in 1820. Currently, this "golden grain" is of great social, cultural and economical importance for the development of thousands of farm families throughout the country.

What makes our coffee such high quality?
The success of cultivating coffee in Monteverde is due to several factors, including volcanic soil, excellent production techniques and the use of 100% Arabian coffee. All of this places Costa Rican coffee among the world's best.

Taste a small cup of the best coffee in Costa Rica.


This tour includes

• A/C round trip transfer from and to your hotel in Monteverde. Experienced bilingual guide. Free coffee, Chocolate and snacks. A delicious cane juice. Insurance.

Advisable to bring

• Comfortable cloth. Camera. Binoculars. Mosquito repellent.

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Schedules & Rates

 Departures Approximate duration Adult Rate Child Rate
8:00 a.m.
3:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m.
10:00 a.m.
2 hours $35 $15

Important Notes

Prices in Dollars (USD).
The pick up time at the hotel will be between 30 to 15 minutes before the tour.
Children rates apply from 6 to 15 years old.
Children under 6 years old have free entrance.
In the event of any inconvenience at the pick up, please call to our offices at 506 2645-6270
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