Monteverde Travel Tips

  • 1 - While visiting Monteverde Costa Rica, you cannot miss the Canopy tour; just keep in mind to bring appropriate clothing as well as your camera.
  • 2 - The Cloud Forest is foggy and cool, reason being that it is necessary for you to bring along a sweater or jacket, no matter what the season is.
  • 3 - It is recommendable to stay in Monteverde at least a few days, the roads are an adventure themselves making getting around a little slower than usual. But it's worthwhile.
  • 4 - It is important to get to the Reserve of Monteverde before it opens; just a limited number of people are allowed to access at one time, around 120.
  • 5 - You can visit the reserve on your own, but it's advisable to go with a professional guide, a professional guide is trained to point out specific flora and fauna in the area including the opportunity to hear local stories and history of this area, making your trip a learning experience.

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