Monteverde hotels

Below there is a list of hotels and accommodations options you can find in the magical Cloud Forest of Monteverde. You can make your decision according to your budget and travel needs.

The following guide of Monteverde Hotels Costa Rica offer you the official rates, including traveler reviews and photos. The most recommended hotels in Monteverde Costa Rica.
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Hotel Cabañas El SolHotel Cabañas El Sol Hotel Cabañas El Sol
From $76 /per night
Arco Iris HotelArco Iris Hotel Arco Iris Hotel
From $0 /per night
Los Volcanes HotelLos Volcanes Hotel Los Volcanes Hotel
From $35 /per night
Hotel GiadaHotel Giada Hotel Giada
From $60 /per night
Hotel Adventure InnHotel Adventure Inn Hotel Adventure Inn
From $91 /per night
Fortuna HotelFortuna Hotel Fortuna Hotel
From $42 /per night
Monteverde Villa LodgeMonteverde Villa Lodge Monteverde Villa Lodge
From $73 /per night
Park Inn HotelPark Inn Hotel Park Inn Hotel
From $150 /per night
Trapp Family Country InnTrapp Family Country Inn Trapp Family Country Inn
From $99 /per night
Luna Llena HotelLuna Llena Hotel Luna Llena Hotel
From $19 /per night
Villas KalimbaVillas Kalimba Villas Kalimba
From $100 /per night
Capitan Suizo HotelCapitan Suizo Hotel Capitan Suizo Hotel
From $215 /per night
California HotelCalifornia Hotel California Hotel
From $109 /per night
Tamarindo Diria Beach ResortTamarindo Diria Beach Resort Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort
From $146 /per night
Hotel Hacienda GuachipelinHotel Hacienda Guachipelin Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin
From $74 /per night
Hotel Si Como NoHotel Si Como No Hotel Si Como No
From $250 /per night
Hotel AutenticoHotel Autentico Hotel Autentico
From $90 /per night
The Falls Resort HotelThe Falls Resort Hotel The Falls Resort Hotel
From $105 /per night
Hotel San BoscoHotel San Bosco Hotel San Bosco
From $53 /per night
Mountain Paradise HotelMountain Paradise Hotel Mountain Paradise Hotel
From $120 /per night