Monteverde Costa Rica

A little of history

The history of Monteverde began in the early 1950s, when a group of Quaker families from United States arrived to Costa Rica in search of peace and tranquility. Some members of these families were imprisoned by the American government due to the fact that they didn't want to take part in the Korean War. For that reason they decided to settle in Costa Rica, mainly because of its lack of an army and also because of the nature they found.

However, long time before the arrival of these Quakers, the Monteverde area was already settled by a group of Costa Rican farmers, coming from towns like San Ramon de Alajuela, Esparza and Miramar. Their purpose was to establish farms for subsistence living.
(Source: Canatur)

Monteverde was founded by these American citizens, to establish their own reserve for conservation and protection of water and nature. In the early 1970s, a vast amount of the reserve was donated to the Tropical Scientific Center (CCT), an organization in charge of the investigation and preservation of the land.


The climate in Monteverde is humid and cloudy, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 22 degrees Celsius.


The population of Monteverde has around 1000 Quaker residents that still retain a North American feel in the area. There are also nearly 6500 Costa Rican residents, most of these individuals sold their land to the Quakers and then established the town of Santa Elena.

Monteverde activities

What to do in Monteverde?

There are several things to do in Monteverde. Some of the main tourist activities are:

In downtown Santa Elena you can also find banks, pizza parlors, national and international cuisine, supermarkets, internet service, clinics, etc. In terms of attractions you can find serpentariums, insect museums, butterfly gardens, frog ponds, and much much more.
If you want to share a nice moment with your friends or local people at town, you can visit Bar Amigos, the Guarida del Sapo, the Unicornio or the Bormealias souvenir shop, converted sometimes into a bar with live music.

Monteverde lodging

Lodging options in Monteverde

According to your budget or expectations, the surroundings of Monteverde and Santa Elena offer you excellent and varied lodging options. You can find large hotels with all the luxuries, or more economic mountain hotels, nice cabins, houses for rent and apartments.
Some of the hotels in Monteverde have views of the cloud forest, while others have views of the beautiful gulf of Nicoya.

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  • Miwako Waters said: July 23, 2012 (United States)

    Our recent stay at Fonda Vela wasTrip. The staff went out of their way to make this one of our best memories fo Costa Rica. It is convenient to all the attraction we were interested. The Cloud Forest Reserve, Cheese factory, Stella's Bakery, Bird Watching are all within walking distance. The on site restaurant was well run and the food top notch. Thank you for making our stay so much fun. We will be back. My husband is a travel writer and he wants to do an article on Fonda Vela. He only said that about one other place during our trip which is the highest compliment you could receive.
    Miwa Waters - Bufod Georgia

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